The World And Us

There are really interesting and profund things in this world… Latelly I’ve been thinking on the way we live and the way we were taught to live, it’s all wrong, we have been living a big lie that we based on the way our “teachers” teached us, we just lived a sad life full off failures and unhappiness.
Going deeper in the Quantum field is the best thing we can do to live a more happy life, passing from the logical world, where everything seems, I repeat, seams to have an order or logic, but no, it’s a false perception off the reality. The real reallity must be abstract like puzzle pieces, and in the end there will be a really nice picture.
Just like the point of light that originated the world, it just expanded the infinit and divided itself in millions off thousands of pieces, and that included the world, the stars, the galaxys, us, everything in this… place where we are, and all are separated abstractely, but they have a sense, what we can’t perceive.
But again, don’t believe in nothing I write here. Ask yourself… or watch “What the bleep do you know” and afterwards you can check this video where Rav Laitman encounters the greatest scientists nowadays to discuss about Kabbalah and what they have found.


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