Saturday Morning

Good morning Universe 🙂
waked up this morning with the sounds of great singers, one of them it was very known for his performance on the best concert ever, Woodstock, the men who opened the concert, Mr. Richie Havens, this guy is really good, even after all this time I just saw him on the french TV show One Shot Not, (from another great performer “Manu Katche”), he played Freedom, and this time with Manu Katche on the drums.

The other one to mention, another one very good on his performance, and very adventureous on the music scene, Manu Chao, I just found out that his son plays the guitar very well too.
He’s now working on another disk that will include some songs that he recorded in between Brasil and Argentina.

and the last, but not the least, a young british player that lived for a lot of time in Russia where he spent time on dance schools, “Jack Peñate” , I still wondering why he has that surname.


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